About Huayu

Dr. MingI Hsu is the expert of polycystic ovarian disorders and ovarian functions. He has been in practice for more than 20 years. What touching him the most was not just the smile of becoming a new parent; but also many women in despair to overcome infertility.  There was a 39-year-old woman whose foot was injured and wrapped in a bandage. Yet, her determination to go though the regiments to have a chance to get pregnant, in a mean time, under tremendously stress from herself and from her family.  It is such struggle yet full of courages that touch Dr. Hsu's heart. Elderly women have a tough time to bear a kid. If is in her heart’s desired, how can a doctor be the best help?

Women's fertility has a shorter expiration date than men. The concept of "prevention is better than cure" is also suitable to address this reproductive limitation. Measuring ovarian function at a young age can provide a better understanding in planning marriage and having children, without regret and second guess later on. In order to taking a better care to his patients, Dr. Hsu left his university hospital post after years of devoted work and built a fertility center based on his ideals: Women as the main focus of HauYu’s service, together with technology, thoughtfulness, and innovating medical services to better help women to fulfill their dream.


As a "kind" and "funny" doctor, Dr. Hsu has a thick Taiwanese accent. In the past, whenever Dr. Hsu congratulated the patients who learn the good news: "Congratulations! You are pregnant!” Surprised future mom responded "what ... Huayu !? Oh ... pregnant” !” With many happy ending stories, this is the name of the center that carries the pronunciation "Hua Yu”, which is a homonym of  pregnant “Huáiyùn” in Chinese-Taiwanese. On behalf of Dr. Hsu and the whole team, we sincerely wish to share with you all those experiences after helping couples to get pregnancy for more than 20 years.


Not just to become an outstanding fertility center, we are also pursuing the "happiness" of every pregnancy seeker, and let "HuaYu"become your good fortune of pregnancy!