About Huayu

People-oriented, combining technology, thoughtfulness, and the pursuit of perfection.

Constantly innovating medical services is the goal of "Huayu"



Based on his own decades-long decorated clinical experience and research technology, Dr. MingI Hsu, the president of HuaYu fertility understand that we shall have not only the most advanced and state-of-art equipment, and assemble the most experienced medical staff, but also can share with our parents the processes in laboratory such as time-lapse video of patients’ own embryo ! Science and technology need to serve human needs,  through excellent user’s interface and experience to earn patient’s trust and confident is the purpose of technology!


As the focus of our clinic philosophy, pregnant seekers can enjoy an elegant medical space , great service from friendly medical staff, and personalized fertility treatments. Our center is equipped with hysteroscopy, genetic counseling clinics, embryologic and andrologic laboratory, and special clinics from traditional Chinese medicine to genetic diagnosis as well as other helps for women, so that those desire to get pregnancy do not need to waste time in traveling but can enjoy a comprehensive one-stop medical service.


Innovation is about focusing on patient care and continuously improving medical services, which including hardware, software, and even our corporate culture:

  • Introduced RI Witness system as the first in Taiwan to ensure the proper monitor of your precious gametes
  • Integrate the server, physician, and technology sides of medical services to achieve paperless and sharing information
A few words from our President

It is always appreciated and grateful with the support and assistance of many good friends after leaving the medical center and started my own practice! After many years of experience as an Ob/GYN doctor, I feel that women have been ignored in the male dominated health care system without been completely taken care of. This is also the same thinking, urging me to leave the hospital system and build a clinic which is based on the idea of Woman-Center.  The very first thing I want to do is to help women to understand themselves better. Women and men have  physiological difference.  The ovary with its function is one of the most important assets and need to be well protected!