About Huayu
The Huayu Difference

AI Fertility Center

  •  Introduced Taiwan first EU-certified RI Witness ™ system for gametes monitoring. Using RFID technology to track and identify various specimens, and recorded processing steps and time-stamp.
  • Time-Lapse photography embryo observation system.  An around clock recording observes the status of the embryo and reduces the harm that might be caused while the embryo is leaving the incubator. Time-lapse video of embryonic growth is shared with the clients during the consultation.
  • Computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA) system, a fully automatic system combining microscopy imageric analysis and computation to evaluate the sperm functions.
  • Customized integrated reproductive medicine management system. All tests, medical images, laboratory records, patient information, treatments and results will be recorded and archived.

Western Meet Chinese Medicine

Dr. Li Jingzi graduated from China Medical University, where she studied under highly regarded Taiwanese Chinese medicine professor Chen Rongzhou. Subsequently she studied in Nanjing, China with the expertise of Chinese medicine professor Xia Guicheng and Professor Tan Yong. After returning to Taiwan, she has been engaged in integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment in the hospital for many years, ensuring that her patients are well cared for, particularly regarding infertility issues, which has helped many women to become mothers.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) regimen before ovulation can help follicles mature and promote ovulation.
  • Before fertility treatment, TMC can improve ovarian function and egg quality.
  • During the course of fertility treatment, TMC can improve the endometrial receptivity and pregnancy rate.

Genetic Diagnosis

Every genetic test report of HuaYu Fertility will be reviewed and provided the follow-up genetic consultation by Dr. Yihui Lin, an expert in genetic medicine. Dr. Lin leads the genetic counseling team with members including clinic genetic counselors, technical center supervisors, and technicians. Together they will help you understand the genetic complexity of yourself, your embryo and your fetus.

One Stop Service for Fertility Treatment

During the fertility treatment, the medical examinations, genetic tests, hysteroscopy, and TCM conditioning will be provided at HuaYu fertility Center, so you don't need to travel much, leaving important energy and time for yourself to focus on  a successful pregnancy.