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For Donors

When husband’s sperms cannot fertilize wife’s eggs, cryopreserved donated sperm (donor sperm) can also be used to achieve the goal of conception.

Non-obstructive azoospermia caused by congenital or various diseases, which means that men’s testicles cannot produce sperm normally.  Without husband’s sperm, even assisted reproductive technology can’t help but only donor sperm can be used to fertilization.

According to the statistics of the National Health Administration, from 2011 ~ 2015 in Taiwan, the total number of sperm or egg donations nationwide was 3681 , and 2737 cases are eggs donation, and only 891 were sperm donation. However, couples waiting for eggs donation were far more excess the number of donate eggs .

The reasons for difficult pregnancy are complex and numerous, including ovary, sperm and egg quality. Sperm donation is to use ART to help infertile couples with vibrant germ cells. The process will include donation registration, inspection and matching, sperm collection, and follow-up and receive nutrition fees.