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Egg/Sperm Freezing

Freezing eggs (Planned (Elective) Egg Freezing) is the best way for women to protect their fertility while considering age , goal and career planning. Fertility is one of the essential right of women, and yet age is the major factor in determining fertility. Because the eggs do not regenerate and proliferate, the age of her egg is equal to the age of a woman. Older women may have higher fetal chromosomal abnormalities mostly due to her aging oocytes.

The prime age of female fertility is between 25 to 35 years, and this is also the prime time of egg quality. After 35 years of age, ovarian function gradually declines, especially after 38 years of age, the function declines steeply.Therefore, many women face the dilemma of choosing between work and family. After working hard and finally being ready to conceive and raise the next generation, the ovarian function and egg quality may well be too diminished to ensure a successful pregnancy.

Recently, the freezing of eggs and embryo cells has undergone a revolutionary development. Rapid freezing (vitrification) provides an effective and highly successful freezing method. Rapid freezing not only improves the survival rate of frozen embryos after thawing, but also provide more than 90% survival rate for vulnerable egg after thawing. This freezing technology has been optimized and become a mature and reliable technology. Frozen eggs provide a reliable method for women's fertility preservation.