The genetic material of living creature is controlled by genes located on chromosomes. The genetic codes formed by the DNA sequence will produce the necessary proteins for the body at the right time and in the right amount. Any errors in those processes will lead to changes in proteins and physiological functions, which in turn cause disease. Genetic disease can occur at various levels, such as protein coding, regulation of protein expression as well as the protein-protein interaction. As the human gene map has become more clearer in the pass decade, many diseases have been traced back to genetic mutations. As far as the known diseases caused by single gene mutations, there are currently thousands of such illnesses and they account for about 2% of the world population.


In cooperation with GGA Corp,  HuaYu fertility uses the most advanced molecular medicine technology, to provide comprehensive genetic diagnostic services for the couple for their medical needs as well as through their journey to become parents , from pre-marital, pre-pregnant, inter-pregnant, pre-natal and beyond. Our efforts result in reducing the incidence of major birth defects, early detection and treatment of congenital abnormalities in newborns, as well as  managing  the risk of genetic diseases. 


Every genetic test report of HuaYu Fertility will be reviewed and provided the follow-up genetic consultation by Dr. Yihui Lin, an expert on genetic medicine. Dr. Lin leads the genetic counseling team, and its members include genetic counselors, genetic counselors with clinical experience, technical center supervisors, and technicians. Together they will help you understand the genetic complexity of yourself, your embryo and your fetus.