Dr. Li Jingzi graduated from China Medical University, where she studied under highly regarded Taiwanese Chinese medicine professor Chen Rongzhou. Subsequently she studied in Nanjing, China with the expertise of Chinese medicine professor Xia Guicheng and Professor Tan Yong. After returning to Taiwan, she has been engaged in integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment in the hospital for many years, ensuring that her patients are well cared for, particularly regarding infertility issues, which has helped many women to become mothers.


The concepts of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) to conditioning the body before pregnancy are based on the following six aspects: the basic principles of TCM infertility, TCM conditioning before pregnancy, TCM conditioning methods, people who need conditioning, TCM adjustment of special body-types, and TCM conditioning before pregnancy to increase the chance of pregnancy. Dr. Li will be happy to answer your questions and make recommendations if you are interested. Please contact HuaYu Fertility for further information.