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Why go to Taiwan for reproductive medicine?

Taiwan's medical standards have always been excellent. Taiwan has excellent medical technology and capability with artificial intelligence. In particular, the pregnancy rate of IVF in Taiwan is the best in Asia, with no or low barriers to entry and exit boarder control for foreigners and convenient domestic and international transportation. Those benefits are coupled with strict and reasonable laws to protect the preservation and transportation of eggs or sperm. Such professional services are with very reasonable cost. Comparing our service with Europe, America and Japan, it is really  better with the price–performance ratio.

Cost Estimate

As a fertility tourist to take a break from daily routines and try to find a medical care abroad, in additional to the quality of care, attractions of location, convenience of traveling, and language barriers,  one of major consideration will be the total cost. 

Everybody’s situations are different, so HuaYu compares the cost from the Shady Grove Medical Center (SGMC) to the average cost in Taipei for the cost of egg retrieval (Extraction) , cryopreservation  (Storage) for a few years,  and completed a cycle of IVF ( Implantation).  It seems our cost in every stage is about 60 ~70 %  lower than that of SGMC.  In addition, the storage cost will be even more favorable when it is longer than 5 years.  Of course, traveling itself will cost some ( a RT coach ticket is about US$800 ~ 1300 from everywhere of US to Taipei) as well as transferring the frozen eggs to your local IVF clinic, if desired, you will incur additional shipping  cost of a few thousand dollars.