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After choosing HuaYu fertility for your infertility treatment,  please decide the most convenient options that fit your schedule :

  1. Any time is a good time for a first visit! Please make an appointment online or by phone. You can be seen at any stage of the menstrual cycle, let the doctor understand your condition, and create the best treatment plan for you. Alternatively, a discussion of your concerns with a physician via a a teleconference is possible.
  2. In addition to a consultation to establish patient - physician relationship, some basic fertility tests will be performed, such as blood, urine, semen analysis, ultrasound, and hysteroscopy. All those tests can be done with your local clinics and sent to HuaYu via email, mail or FAX.
  3. After the preliminary examination and gathering your medical information, our physician will discuss with your options and make recommendations. There are several approaches, such as well designed exercise,  increasing certain nutrients, or conditioning with herbal medicine to prepare your body for a successful pregnancy.
  4. To minimize your stay, after establishing a connection with our physician,  you only need come to Taipei twice for infertility treatments. The total treatment requires around 16 days stay. Of course, you and your physician will discuss the best options that suits your needs!


Besides IVF treatment for married couples and egg freezing for singles, the law governing fertility treatment “ Artificial Reproductive Law” in Taiwan prohibits making of a human zygote without an official marriage between a man and a woman, even though same-sex marriage is legal in Taiwan. Thus, single, same-sex couples or coupes without a marriage license as well as surrogacy can’t be performed in the fertility clinic in Taiwan.   Social norms are moving much faster than the legislation.  We will update you once the law has changed.